The Great Gatsby: Theme

1. By Fitzgerald using the theme of illusion consistently throughout the whole story I
believe he is trying to display society as a mixed group of people. He displays
mankind as a corrupt society that is split from many things such as greed, lust,race,
status and wealth. We as people will always be different and will not always share
the same ideas and beliefs. He is trying to say that we will be different and will not
always get along.

2. Illusion is a real idea for teens because social status is a big thing in school. This
ties in with self esteem and the way you want yourself to be presented. Many
People in popular groups may choose to change themselves to fit in. This can be
Considered illusion as they are alluding them to the fact that they are cool or funny
or have some sought of quality that makes them popular. This often can cause the
person to lose control of who they really are. They create there own illusion for
others approval. They re-invent themselves to the point they believe that they are
that person, like Gatsby.

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