The Great Gatsby: Symbols

The symbols I will be using for this symbol analysis is the use of the colour green, the use of flowers and the use of the colour yellow or gold.

The green light/Use of the colour green:
The green light is an important symbol in this novel and very significant in Gatsby’s character. The light was located across the river at the the front of the Buchanan’s mansion. This represented Gatsby’s hope for a new beginning with daisy. He placed his hope on the light. It had consumed him as the light was strongly seen as a future with Daisy. His desire to have daisy had consumed him in a way that he had to recreate himself just for daisy. The light had illuded him to believe there had not been 5 years between them.

The use of flowers in the story and text is significant as it represents Daisy and how she is represented as pure as flower or Daisy for that matter. Daisy’s are primarily white and yellow. The Daisy being white and yellow means that Daisy is alluded to seem pure and the ideal women but is besides that a corrupt individual. Yellow alluded that wealth is a valid status symbol and makes you a better person. She is displayed as wealthy, posh, well mannered individual but shows how shallow she really is towards the end of the story.

The colour yellow/gold:
The use of the colour yellow or gold in the story is significant because yellow or gold can represent wealth or a status symbol. East Egg has been described with the colour gold or yellow. This means that East Egg is displayed or seen as a wealthy or pure place to reside. This could be that East Egg is seen as a desirable area to live as it is a status symbol to live there. West Egg is just another place to live where as East Egg is a major contributor to the Old money reputation.

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